beautiful gloom machines

the sexiest zombie killers
to ever walk this scorched planet.

The Beautiful Gloom Machines are very very skilled zombie killing machines. But they weren’t always so kick ass. They once were ordinary girls…till Dr Gloom recruited them. Each girl that enters The Gloom Machine, enters as a frightened and broken girl and exits as a sexy killing machine. They leave behind who they are, their name, their friends and family (what was left of them) and their fears, and become a Beautiful Gloom Machine (BGM), each with an identifiable and unique tattoo. A number that will now be their new name, their new identity and their new life. Because of the way The Gloom Machine functions, there can only ever be 9 BGMs at any one time. The Gloom Machine gives the girls new powers, skills, strengths far beyond human, all with one focus, to kill as many zombies as possible.


photo stories.
1. unforgiven
2. big sky


photo stories.
1. the rubble
2. blackout
3. freedom ship


photo stories.
1. rise above
2. outpost