gloom machine

a post apocalyptic world
ruled by gloom and machine.

The world of the Gloom MACHINE is a post apocalyptic world inhabited by beautiful zombie killing machines, the walking dead, supernatural creatures and evil demons. Heroic resistance soldiers, cloaked armys and shady cult leaders battle it out with their black magic, cyberpunk style weaponry and technology for the control or salvation of the last few remaining living humans. By means of the comic magazine and the official website, the world of the Gloom Machine will literally come to life through the comic stories, the real life photo shoots and live action short films of the 9 chosen Beautiful Gloom Machines.

the violent comic

Uber Violent, Uber Gritty, Uber Sexy, Uber Twised. The awesome comic book, featuring the Gloom Machine stories and our sexy Beautiful Gloom Machine models.

the beautiful girls

The sexiest zombie killers to ever walk this scorched planet. Kicking monster butt and saving yours.

the twisted tales

Every fortnight we continue our Tales from the Gloom Machine. Short self contained stories set in a post apocalyptic world.

the cool gear

T-shirts, posters, photographic prints and of course the comics. Just what every Gloom Machine fan needs